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Irideon Composer Scheduled Action Playback After Power Interruption

If for some reason an MCP misses a scheduled action due to power outage or other interruption, it will NOT play the last look or last scheduled action.  Scheduled actions will not play until they reach the next time an action is scheduled. 

For example:  We have a schedule set to have lights turn on at 5:00PM and then play a different sequence every half hour.  From 4:00PM to 6:00PM the power is out.  The result would be the lights would not turn on.
Work around:  If you lose power or miss a scheduled action, you can manually go back in time on the MCP using the clock control keys.  Set the time clock to one minute prior to the scheduled action and wait for it to activate.  Once it has activated you will need to reset the time back to current time.

Note-Icon.png Note: This is a useful trick when checking schedules.
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