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Loss of functionality on the Relevé fixture for an entire Module


My Relevé fixture has lost functionality for an entire module, but the rest of the fixture continues functioning.

For example:

  • Both Pan and Tilt do not function, but the Gobos and Zoom will operate properly
  • Zoom and Focus do not function, but the Pan/Tilt and operate Gobos normally
  • Gobos and Iris do not function, but the Pan/Tilt and Zoom/Focus operate correctly

Description/Explanation of Issue

This could be caused by a failed Motor Driver Board, which is the electronic board that drives the functions on a specific module.


  1. To ensure this is a failed card, swap the Motor Driver Board (MDB) with an exact same board from another fixture.
    1. If the problem carries with the MDB, the issue resides in that PCB.
      1. Contact ETC Technical Services for assistance in a replacement MDB.
    2. If the problem remains with the fixture, double check the wiring according to the associated guide for that specific module.
      1. If the issue persists after confirming proper wiring with a known working MDB, contact ETC Technical Services for assistance.
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