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Revolution Does Not Respond To Proper DMX Address

After calibrating, the Green LED is solid and the fixture does not respond to the address set on the address wheels.  

Since the LED is solid, we know we are receiving valid DMX to the fixture.

If access to the fixture is easy, remove the Address wheel covers one at a time and verify the window to the covers is indexed to the number the arrow on the address wheel is pointing to.  The cover can be inserted in the wrong orientation causing the dials to set the address to a different address than indicated.

If the proper address is indicated and the fixture still fails to respond,  please increment the address wheels to a different address. it  is possible that the address wheel is damaged. If the change in the address corrects the problem, the Master Control Card (MCC) must be replaced.

If the Green LED is flashing quickly, and gives a RED LED, verify the DMX address is set to a number 481 or lower.  The fixture requires 31 channels and an address higher than 481 would exceed the DMX512 range. 

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