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How to Calibrate a Selador Fixture


  • Some of the color arrays are not the same brightness as the rest of the color arrays.
  • A new control card MUST be calibrated when installed in a new fixture.
    • The control card will automatically calibrate when it is first powered on after being programmed, but it will not auto-calibrate itself unless it is told to do so as explained below.

Description/Explanation of Issue

Calibration is stored on the control card, not the LED array.

Without the proper calibration, LED arrays will be too bright or too dim, and the control card can even burn out LED's by overdriving them.


Version 1-2 Control Cards

  • These must be calibrated at the factory.

Version 3 Control Cards

  1. Press and hold the Up and Down buttons until the display says "Cal".
  2. Release the buttons.
  3. The fixture will fade on each color array by themselves
    1. If the there is a fault in the control card or LED array for a particular color array, the calibration will stop at that color and not continue the calibration.  The display will also show "Err".  The fixture will need to be repaired.  Please contact ETC Technical Services or your dealer.
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