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Revisions of Selador Switched Linear Control Card

Rev 1

Selador Rev1 Control Card.jpg

  • Distinguishing Feature is the soldered power lead. 
  • Says "Rev2" on board.
  • No fan connector.
  • Must be calibrated at ETC (no auto-calibrate feature).
  • Typically only used to control K2 LEDs.


Rev 2

Selador Rev2 Control Card.jpg

  • Distinguishing Feature is the daughter board on standoffs over the main control card.  This daughter card added fan control functionality.
  • Must be calibrated at ETC (no auto-calibrate feature).
  • Typically used to drive Rebel LED (Paletta, Lustr) but also K2 LED (Vivid)


Rev 3

Selador Rev3 Control Card.jpg

  • Overall layout similar to Rev1&2, but has header for power input rather than soldered power lead.

  • Has a fan connector on the control card.

  • Has auto-calibrate feature which calibrates the control of the LED's.

    • To calibrate, hold down address buttons Up and Down until fixture enters "Cal" (calibrate) mode and calibrates each color individually (See article: How to Calibrate a Selador Fixture).

  • Rev3 is the terminal version of Selador control card.  PN 7400B5615.

  • Only used to control Rebel LED's but can be used to control K2 LED's using software version v1.08.

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