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Replacing a Rev 1 or Rev 2 Control Card in a Selador Classic


You have a Rev 1 or Rev 2 Control card in a Selador Classic Fixture that has failed, but that part is no longer available. 

Description/Explanation of Issue

There have been 3 revisions of control card in Selador Classic fixtures. Revisions 1 and 2 of the control card are no longer in production, however Revision 3 is backwards compatible with all previous Revisions of Selador Classic, but must be running version 1.08 or better. 

Click Here to view information on how to identify Selador Classic Control Card Revisions


  1. Contact ETC Tech Support with your fixture's serial number and the version of software loaded on your fixture so we can provide the specific part number. 
  2. If replacing a Rev 1 control card in a multi-cell fixture, it's required to replace all control cards in that fixture as well as the DMX jumper (ETC Part 7400B7019) that connects all of the control cards together. This is because of changes made to the headers on the control cards. 
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