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Source 4WRD 230v Reporting Incorrect Values in Eos


Sensor reporting over RDM is showing incorrect values. Example, reporting 0C instead of showing sensor values. 

Description/Explanation of Issue

Sensor reporting over RDM uses 2 parameters: sensor definition and sensor value. The sensor definition contains information about what type of sensor it is: units, ranges for the values, etc. The sensor value is used to retrieve the values themselves. Typically ETC LED fixtures use a centi-prefix as part of the sensor definition, so if a sensor is reporting 2516, the controller would interpret that as 25.16. The 230V Source 4WRD doesn’t use a prefix for their definition and would just report 25. On the EOS console, it reported 0C (thinking it was .2516) for the sensor value. Cobalt and Concert both displayed the sensor data correctly.

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