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What Changed from Source 4WRD (first-generation) to Source 4WRD II?

Source 4WRD II is the second generation of Source 4WRD technology, focused on improved reliability and increased output.

Source 4WRD II features a newer heat pipe design to ameliorate metallic joint fatigue, a problem identified in early Source 4WRD light engines. This new heat pipe design can be identified by the three columns of LED emitters as opposed to the two columns found in the first-generation design.

S4WRD LED Arrray.png

 Figure 1: Source 4WRD II LED Array

Source 4WRD II also features a new LED emitter package with increased luminous flux and slightly higher color temperatures compared to the original generation.

  S4WRD (first-generation) Color Temperature Source 4WRD II Color Temperature
Warm white 80 CRI 3000K 3200K
Warm white 90 CRI 3000K 3200K
Cool white 90 CRI 5600K 5900K

If you wish to use both generations in the same installation, you may wish to reference this support article.

For detailed information of the photometry of each generation, consult the associated Photometry Guides:

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