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Troubleshooting Error Codes on Source 4WRD


The LCD on my S4WRD has an error. What does it mean?


Error Code Description


Indicates the fixture has gone into over-temperature protection. Reset the fixture to clear the code.

For DMX mode: Return the DMX control to 0.

For AC mode: Remove the fixture from power for five seconds and then restore power.


Indicates the fixture has gone into under-temperature protection. Allow the fixture to warm to a minimum of 5°C (41°F).

Flashing DMX Address

Indicates loss of DMX.

Dark Screen

Indicates loss of power or fixture time-out. In the event of time-out, press any button to wake the user interface.

dL / rdy

Indicates fixture has lost firmware. Reload firmware via UpdaterAtor. This will require either a Net3 Gateway, Gadget II, or USB to DMX Universal Downloader USB Whip. This will also likely require a 5-pin XLR to RJ45 Adapter.


Indicates problems with internal cable connections.

Please contact your local authorized ETC service partner for further information. 

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