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Source Four Lamps Slipping Out of Sockets Or Socket Burnout

On older Source Four burner assemblies without the lamp retainer wire / clip, the lamp may work its way out of the socket as the fixture heats up and then cools down.  This can cause arcing and pitting of the sockets and the lamp pins, which will result in damage to the socket.  Eventually the socket and lamp will become corroded to the point where they must be replaced. 

To avoid this:

Open up the endcap and verify the following.

  1. Make sure that the lamp retainer spring securely grips the top of the lamp base.
  2. For S4 units older than April 1997, purchase and install the "Light baffle retrofit kit", ETC Part #7060A2015. This kit includes an improved light baffle and new socket.  Contact your
    local ETC Dealer for details.

If needed, replacement Source Four UL Socket Assemblies are ETC Part# 7060B7019.

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