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How do I attach the handle on Source 4 LED Series 3?


In July 2022, ETC added a rear handle to Source 4 LED Series 3 to assist with focus and transport of the fixture. Fixtures shipped prior to August 2, due to packing limitations, may not have the handle attached to the fixture out of the box. This change also removed the antenna holder on the yoke, as the handle performs the same protective function.


Note: this is an enhancement made to the fixture after release of the product and is not backwards compatible or available on fixtures sold without the screw holes on the bottom.

A number of fixtures were made with the screw holes, but with no handle included (not even in the box). A handle can be purchased and added to these fixtures, using the kit below. Contact your ETC dealer for pricing and availability


If you receive a fixture that has a handle shipped separately in the box, follow the below instructions to install it.


Installing the Handle

  1. Align the handle over the 2 holes on the rear of the fixture, shown below. 
  2. Secure the handle with the self-tapping T20 torx screws (holes exist but are untapped).
  3. Take a well-deserved break. 



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