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Configuring fos/4 Fixtures to Work With City Theatrical Multiverse SHoW Baby


City Theatrical Multiverse SHoW Baby do not automatically connect to ETC Fixtures with Multiverse receivers.

Explanation of Issue

ETC fixtures with Multiverse receivers default their SHoW ID to a Multiverse ID. The City Theatrical Multiverse SHoW Baby default to a SHoW DMX Neo ID. Either the transmitter or the receiver needs to be changed in order to properly pair them.

Multiverse SHoW ID: 4 or 5 digit number. 

SHoW DMX Neo ID: 3 digit number.

Changing the SHoW ID on Source 4 LED Series 3, Desire Fresnel, and fos/4 Fixtures

SHoW ID settings are changed with the green encoder in the Multiverse Settings. series 3 multiverse.gif

Changing the Multiverse SHoW Baby Settings to a Multiverse SHoW ID via Concert

In Concert, the settings of the Multiverse SHoW Baby are set to ID 201. This is a SHoW DMX Neo ID. SB MV Default Settings.png

You can type in the Multiverse SHoW ID you wish to use and click apply changes. For example, the ColorSource Spot V's default would be 24100.



Change to CS Spot V default settings.png
The ID/Data indicator would then change to a Blue color, indicating that the SHoW Baby is in a custom SHoW ID mode.


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