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ColorSource Relay and City Theatrical Multiverse


Will ColorSource Relay wireless devices work with City Theatrical's Multiverse system?


ColorSource Relay works with some existing transmitters from City Theatrical's SHoW DMX product line, including ShoW Baby 6 and SHoW Baby Neo.

City Theatrical's newer Multiverse system transmits several universes of DMX / sACN / Artnet at the same time, using a different SHoW ID numbering system, which is not natively compatible with SHoW DMX and therefore ColorSource Relay. Some Multiverse products can also transmit on the SHoW DMX standard, but others can't.


Some but not all Multiverse products are compatible with ColorSource Relay:

  • Multiverse SHoW Baby will work with ColorSource Relay
  • Multiverse Node will work with ColorSource Relay
  • Multiverse Transmitter will not work with ColorSource Relay (this includes the 900MHz, 900MHz/2.4GHz, and 2.4GHz models)
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