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My ETC Dimmer Isn't Listed In The Database

LED compatibility testing is performed on all applicable dimmers at time of testing, so that future customers interested in an LED can have data on its performance, even if the party requesting the testing is only concerned with performance on a few dimmers. However, due to space and availability not all dimmers can be tested. Testing on exact hardware is always preferred, but there are similarities between some products that can give a general idea of performance if an exact test isn't available.

Sensor Classic

The Sensor Classic processor is very similar to the Legacy Unison (Unison DR) processor which we do test. The Legacy Unison dimming engine is only capable of forward phase dimming unless used with a PhaseAdept module. Legacy Unison has no programmatic way to fix SCR misfiring, which can cause problems with D20 modules. Both of these are true with Sensor Classic as well. For line dimmed LEDs, use a Normal firing/dimming mode with a Linear curve.


The Sensor+ processor is natively capable of both forward and reverse phase dimming, and also has a programmable setting to fix SCR misfiring. These are noticeable improvements over the Sensor Classic processor, but Sensor+ doesn't have LED Smoothing Mode like Sensor 3, which means its fades may look worse than advertised on Sensor 3. For line dimmed LEDs, use a Normal firing/dimming mode with a Linear curve.


Smartpack is rarely tested, but is usually very similar to Legacy Unison with D20 modules. It can only dim in forward phase, and there are no upgrade options for reverse phase dimming. Unlike Legacy Unison, Smartpack does have a programmatic way to fix SCR misfiring. 

Sensor Sinewave

Sensor Sinewave dimmers are not recommended for dimming LED loads. Sinewave dimmers aren't capable of the discrete circuit turn-on or turn-off that forward phase and reverse phase dimming respectively use, so most LEDs will dim poorly if at all on these circuits.

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