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Why A Luminaire Is Not In The Database

It's A Fixture With An Internal Driver

In this case, we name the make and model of the LED driver in the fixture as the product being tested. The driver is the main determinant of dimming performance on the fixture end, and any proper pairing of driver and LED array should function near-identically to any other. Please contact the fixture manufacturer to find the make and model of driver used in a particular fixture; this can change depending on dimming type, fixture brightness, and color temperature of the fixture among other factors, all of which can affect dimming performance.

It Was Tested A Long Time Ago

The LED market is a fast-moving field and product revisions can happen often; unfortunately, we don't know if or when changes to products occur. To keep our results current, test reports remain in the database for three years. Despite this, a product may have been revised since testing and currently shipping product could perform differently than our results show. The more time that has passed since publication date, the more likely this is.

It Hasn't Been Tested Yet

We test fixtures that interested customers send in for testing; if the database doesn't list a product (and the above two cases don't apply,) then we have no performance data on that fixture. If you would like testing done, please go here for instructions on how to do so.

It's Not Dimmable

If a manufacturer states that a product is nondimmable, we cannot perform dimming testing on it.

It's Not An LED 

The database is intended for LEDs and LED drivers only. Testing will not be done on other types of luminaires.

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