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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Where is the ETC Serial number located on the ETCpad?


In certain instances ETC may request a customer provide the serial number of their ETCpad.

Finding the Serial Number

  • Fully power off your ETCpad.
  • Remove the wrist strap to allow for access to the rear battery door.
  • Gently remove the battery compartment cover.

Use extreme caution when removing the battery. Do not use any sharp tools to pry the battery out of the compartment.
Do not puncture the battery.

  • Using the provided pull tab, disconnect the battery from the ETCpad.
    • If the battery is swollen, stop working and contact ETC service.
  • With the battery removed the serial number will be visible inside the compartment.
  • Once the serial number has been recorded, replace the battery making certain to properly connect the the battery terminals.
  • Replace the compartment cover


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