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Installing GCE on an Eos Family Console

Gateway Configuration Editor (GCE) can be installed on any Eos Family console.  In most cases, GCE will be pre-installed with the console, however some early images did not have GCE or may an older version.  It can be installed or updated at any time. It is a useful tool used to configure Net3 DMX RDM Gateways (running in ACN mode), Net3 Show Control Gateways, Net3 I/O Gateways, and networked Net3 RFR base stations.  Installing GCE also installs the matching versions of the Net3 Services and Net3 device appropriate operating software (firmware binaries).

Please note that GCE is not updated with the Eos Family software updates -- it needs to be done separately.

To install or update GCE on an Eos Family console:

  1. Download the latest version of GCE from the ETC website: Software Update 
  2. Extract the .zip file, and transfer the GCE installer file to a flash drive. It will be a .exe file.
    Note-Icon.png NOTE: The *.exe file must not be in any folders on the flash drive or the console will not recognize it.
  3. On the console, exit to the shell.
    • On Eos and Ion, press [Displays] and then Exit Eos (or Exit Ion).
    • On Element, press [Browser] and then Exit Element.
  4. Press {Settings}, and go to the {General} tab.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click {Software Update}.
  6. A dialog box will open with any available installer files.  Select the GCE installer and press {OK}.
  7. The GCE installer will run.  Follow the prompts, clicking {Next} as needed. If prompted, select Net3 - ETC Console Install.
  8. Once installed, GCE may be launched from the Shell under {Settings} -> {Maintenance}.  A button labeled {Gateway Configuration Editor} will be in the list.


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