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Patching Multiple sACN addresses to a single DMX Input address in GCE


I want to patch multiple sACN addresses to a single DMX input address on my Net3 Gateway via Gateway Configuration Editor.


To do this, you will need to go to Advanced Input Patch (AIP) for the desired ports and configure the addresses you want.

Steps to Solution

  1. In GCE, right click on a gateway OR select the gateway and choose 'Edit Device Configuration'
  2. Choose the AIP tab
  3. Choose the port you want to edit the patch for (note: this will only work for ports configured as Inputs)
  4. Double click on an address line
  5. The left column represents your DMX input addresses, and you can enter the desired sACN addresses for the right colum
  6. The format you need to use for patching multiple sACN addresses to one DMX input address is: universe/address,universe/address,universe/address
    1. Ex: DMX input address 1 could have sACN addresses 2/1,2/2,3/2

Patch multiple sACN addresses to DMX in GCE.JPG

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