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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

ETC Network IP Addresses

Default IP Ranges For ETC Products

Below are the ETC Network addressing standards. Bold numbers or modes are the default for devices that ship with a preconfigured IP. These standard ranges should be used unless a different range is required by the site.

ETC Product IP Range Secondary Port IP Range Tertiary Port IP Range Quaternary IP Range SFP1 IP Range SPF2 IP Range
Apex 5 to to to to to to
Apex 10 to to to to to to
Apex 20 to to to to to to
Apex Processor to to to to to to
ETC Product IP Range Secondary Port IP Range
(used in ETC Sensor3 Racks and FDX3000 installation racks)
Auto/DHCP (preferred) or to

Cobalt 10 to to

Cobalt 20 to to

Cobalt Light Server to to

Cobalt ETCnomad (PC) to


Congo to

Congo jr to to
Congo Kid to to
Congo Light Server to n/a
PC Congo to n/a
ColorSource AV Console to n/a 
Echo Expansion Bridge/ BACnet Interface/ Integration Interface to n/a
Echo Relay Panel Ethernet Interface Option Card to n/a
Echo Architectural Control Processor to n/a
EchoTouch Controller Automatic/DHCP or n/a
Element to to
Element 2 to to
Emphasis Server to n/a
Eos to n/a
Eos Titanium (Ti) to to
Eos RPU to n/a
Eos RPU3 to to
ETCNet2 Nodes (Video; 2 & 4 Port DMX) to 
ETCPad Automatic/DHCP n/a
Express and Expression Emphasis Face Panel to n/a
Foundation / Foundation HD / Foundation Desk n/a
Foundation Client n/a
Foundation Handheld Remote (FHHR) n/a
Foundation Safety Node / Safety Node Extender n/a
Foundation Server n/a
GDS CueSystem to n/a
Gio to to
Gio @5 to to
Hog 4 Consoles to (HogNet) to (FixtureNet)
Hog 3/4 DP8000s to (HogNet) to (FixtureNet)
IES Matrix to n/a
Ion to to
Ion RPU to to
Ion Xe to to
Ion Xe 20 to to
Ion Xe RPU to to
MCX Node n/a
Net3 Conductor DHCP
Net3 DMX, I/O, and Show Control Gateways Automatic/DHCP (preferred) or to
Net3 RFR Base Station (Handheld has no IP) DHCP (preferred) or to
Net3 RVI to to
Net3 RVI3 to to
Obsession (I & II) to n/a
Obsession Face Panel to n/a
Obsession II PC File Server n/a
QuickTouch Preset n/a
Response 0-10V Gateway Automatic/DHCP (preferred) or to
Sensor+ to 
Default: 10.101.1GG.1RR (GG = group #, RR = rack #)
Sensor IQ to n/a
Unison Legacy CMEi Processor to n/a
Unison Mosaic Controller to n/a
Unison Paradigm Central Control Server (P-CCS) DHCP

Unison Paradigm Architectural Control Processor (P-ACP) - Non Server Systems to n/a
Unison Paradigm Network Station Power Supply to n/a
Unison Paradigm 18" Touchscreen (P-TS18) to n/a
Unison Paradigm Touchscreen (P-LCD / P-TS7) to (preferred) 
or Auto/DHCP

1Some earlier versions of these consoles do not have a secondary network port.

Third Party Products IP Range
Net2 PC Control 
(Emphasis/Obsession Remote Facepanel, NCE, Light Manager, CUDI) to
Net3 PC Control 
(Eos Family ETCnomad, Cobalt Family ETCnomad, Congo Family ETCnomad, GCE, LightDesigner) 
DHCP (preferred) or to
Android Device or 
DHCP (preferred) or to
Wireless Access Point/Router for Net3 Systems 
(iRFR, client)
DHCP (preferred) or to
ETC Supplied Wireless Access Point
(Part #s: SGN-WAX610-M or SGN-WAX610Y-M) to
WRFU Handheld to
WRFU Wireless Access Point/Router for Net2 Systems to
Video Media Server to
Router and Switch to 10.101.x.1
Reserved for Network Administrator to and 
10.101.x.2 to 10.101.x.100
RAS Connection Client to
Reserved for RAS Network Administrator to
Net2 Compatible 3rd Party Node to

Default Subnet Mask and Gateway

Item Value
Subnet Mask**
Default Gateway (Router) Net2 Equipment: Device's own IP Address* 
Computers & Net3 Equipment: 

*A gateway matching the IP address causes the device to send to all addresses directly from its own network interface.
** Note for Android users: In recent Android versions this is referred to as "Network Prefix Length" and should be set to 16 for the equivalent of

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