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How to add a device in a different software or firmware version to the World View in Net3 Concert?


In Net3 Concert I'm dragging in a device from the Device Library to the World View, but I want a different software or firmware version than what is listed in the property editor of the device. How can I change the version, or add a device in a different software version?

Explanation of Issue & Solution

Adding a device to the World View will always set it to the latest version available. Some devices you cannot change the version. For example if you add an EosTi device, the software version is a read-only property that you only see when you're connected to a live device. Other device, like the Paradigm ACP or Paradigm PCCS allow you to change the software version, but it too is a read-only property that may change when you connect the device.

In the case of a Sensor3 or DMX/RDM gateway you can select the device in the World View, double-click on the software version in the property editor and select the desired version.

Most devices will let you choose your software version when adding it the world view if you press and hold [Control] on your keyboard, while clicking and dragging the device to the World View. In this case you'll encounter a pop-up which lets you choose the version, and then the device gets added to the World View.


Changing the software or firmware version of the device in the World View DOES NOT update or change the version on the physical device itself. That can only be done via UpdaterAtor or other approved method.


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