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Conductor Software Version History


The table below lists every version of Conductor software and its corresponding release date.

You can click the release date to download that version's release note.

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Version Release Date Key Enhancements Software Download February 5, 2021 Bug fixes including support for Mk2 Gateways, CEM3 configuration backup, and removal of Apache Tomcat 6.0 UpdaterAtor October 31, 2019
  • Bug fixes and improve performance.
  • Energy management data is now retained from the previous year when rolling over to a new year from the current year. For example, data from 2018 is now retained when transitioning from 2019 to 2020.
UpdaterAtor February 28, 2018
  • Version 3.0.0 contains functionality that allows Conductor to collect and store energy management data for the Paradigm or Net3 components in your system. Within Conductor, you can view the projects for which energy management data is being stored and back up and restore the data.
  • Energy Management systems require Paradigm Central Control Server and Conductor hardware with front displays.
UpdaterAtor June 13, 2016 Many new features have been added to Net3 Conductor that allows system-wide management of errors, logging data, and system-wide addressing of devices. The most prominent enhancements to Conductor can be found in the web user interface and include:
  • The Alerts page and its features have undergone many changes, including a simplified ability to send error event messages by email and SMS (text). Additionally, the Alerts page provides access to configure HTTP Post actions, UDP Actions, and Contact Closure Actions.
  • RDM Errors are logged to Conductor and can be exported from the Logging Service and handled using Alerts.
  • New Routing page, allowing for specification of static routes for the Net3 and Secondary Networks.
  • Address Service page provides a table of currently allocated IP addresses, both static and dynamic. In addition, the Address Service page offers the ability to learn devices on a specified subnet.
  • The Time Service page offers advanced configuration of Time Zones, including the creation of custom time zones.
  • The Logging Service page has added the ability to retrieve log files in a tar.gz format and now includes a new page for viewing current system errors.
  • The Administration page provides new security access features for the web interface.
  • Translated and localized web user interface. Select a language by clicking a flag in the top right corner of the web interface.
UpdaterAtor November 6, 2014
  • Fix security vulnerability in Conductor's underlying operating system (commonly known as the “Shellshock” vulnerability)
  • New tabbed page design allows for easier use of the web interface, reducing the need to scroll through multiple pages of content.
  • Improved firmware upgrade using the Files page. Upgrade from the internet connection on the Secondary Network or using a USB drive connected at the Conductor.
  • Access ACN compatible devices using host names rather than the device IP addresses.
  • Learn Network Devices allows for the discovery and reserving of IP Addresses for devices on the network.
  • APC® UPS feature allows connection of an APC compatible UPS to Conductor by USB, and ensures a safe shut down of Conductor in the event of power loss.
  • Wake on LAN allows remote power on of Conductor over the local area network.
UpdaterAtor December 5, 2013

Initial Release of Net3 Conductor for use without a Paradigm Central Control Server

UpdaterAtor November 7, 2013
  • SysNotify - Real-time logging and notification of system errors and issues using e-mail.
  • SysStore - Storage of multiple configurations for all Net3 device that can easily be uploaded using Net3 Concert Software.
  • SysUsage - Logging of real-time and historical system power usage.
  • Provides Network Services for DHCP, FTP, SMB (Windows File Sharing), and SNTP to simplify network setup interaction
Not Available May 3, 2013 Bug fixes along with Paradigm Central Control Server 2.0.5 Not Available September 6, 2012 Bug fixes along with Paradigm Central Control Server 2.0.3 Not Available February 23, 2012 Initial Release included with Paradigm Central Control Server 2.0.1/2.0.2 Not Available
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