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Monitor turns off while imaging a Net3 Conductor or Paradigm Central Control Server (P-CCS)


While imaging a Net3 Conductor to v3.0.0+ or a Paradigm Central Control Server (P-CCS) to v4.0.0+ using a Rev B motherboard (VGA/DVI/2x Serial ports) the monitor will turn off and fail to display further information. Before the monitor turns off users may either see "unable to open '/dev/sda'", or "A TPM error (7) occurred attempting to read a pcr value".

Explanation & Solution of Issue

ETC has identified this cause as a bug in the Clonezilla software used to re-image. Certain monitors seem to not like the display resolution that Clonezilla switches to during the image process, and those monitors handle this by not displaying anything at all. Not all monitors are susceptible to this, so if another monitor (of a different model) is available you can try using that instead, in the hope that everything will display normally.

If another monitor is not available, then fortunately Clonezilla is still operating in the background. To continue the image process after the monitor has been off for ~5 minutes the user must blindly press the Right Arrow key (➡️) once, followed by the Enter key. The image will continue and the unit powers off when completed so it's easy to tell when it's done. It could take 10-20 minutes after pressing Enter for it to complete.


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