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ETCNet2 2 Port Node Will Not Find Address

After upgrading a Two Port to Net2 Version 4.x and cycling power the node occasionally will not find IP address to come back online.

The Two Port comes up with:

Pathway Loader V2.01per1B 
Bootp..   Dynamic IP Forced

Once the unit gets to this point, it will stay there until network address server comes on and then the unit will come on line.

The solution for this problem is to turn on the network address server and then send soft reboot from NCE to the two ports.  This is under "Network" and then  "Reboot Nodes"  This will ensure that the two ports will come back on line with or without a network address server on line at the same time. Basically, sending the soft reboot from NCE completes the task of storing the IP address into memory. Once the memory location is written, when rebooted from NCE, the two port node will come online normally.

A similar condition where the node comes up with "Bootp Dynamic IP Forced" can occur when clearing configurations from NCE without having the network address server on. As soon as the network address server is turned on, the node boots and downloads code normally.  This is expected behavior of the two ports because when configuration are cleared they request a download of new code. That is why you need code to load into a two port when they come new in the box. In order to download code you need to have the network address server running.

 If you still see this message after starting the network address server, power cycle the nodes again while that is running.

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