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ETCNet 2 Node Just Says "ETCNet 1 Mode" and Will Not Receive IP Address.


When I plug my 2-Port ETCNet 2 Node into my network, the screen just says "ETCNet 1 Mode"

Description/Explanation of Issue

You Node has automatically switched over to ETCNet 1 mode. Follow the steps below to resolve this issue.


  1. Remove all ETCNet 1 devices from your network.
    1. Most common devices are Express/Expression family consoles in stand-alone mode. If your Express/Expression family console is being used as an Emphasis Face Panel, then your console is utilizing ETCNet 2, not ETCNet 1.
  2. Once you have ensured all ETCNet 1 devices are removed from the network, launch ETCNet2 Configuration Editor (NCE)
  3. Navigate to Network>Connect.
  4. Navigate to Network>Version Detect and Upgrade Utility.
  5. Click the "Net1->Net2" button.
    1. This should switch all ETCNet 2 devices that are in ETCNet 1 mode to ETCNet 2 mode.
    2. When you click that, there will be no confirmation that anything has happened. This is normal.
  6. Check the LCD on your ETCNet 2 Node. It should no longer read "ETCNet 1 Mode"
  7. Power cycle your ETCNet 2 Node. If it reverts to ETCNet 1 Mode, then there is still ETCNet 1 data on your network. Double-check to make sure there are no ETCNet 1 devices.
  8. After confirming there are no ETCNet 1 devices on your network, you may need to power cycle your network switch(es). Once your switch(es) have been rebooted, use NCE to put your node back into ETCNet 2 mode. Power cycle your node one more time.
  9. If the issue persists, please contact ETC Technical Services. 

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