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ETCNet2 Four Port DMX Node Information

The ETCNet2 DMX Node provides a way to either input or output DMX from a Net2 Network system. The node can also be used in a Net1 system similar to an RIU.


There were several variants produced :

  • Connectors could be either front or rear mounted
  • DMX connectors were available as 4 male, 4 female or a mixture of the two
  • Nodes were available with or without DMX and RFU connectors.
  • Both tabletop/rackmount and wallbox mounted versions were manufactured.
  • A touring (portable) version of the node exists which used the box mounted node and an exterior box.

Switching to Net1 Mode for Expression Family Console Output

To run the node with a ETCNet(1) Expression Family Console (Express, Expression/Insight 2/2x/3), the node must be switched to Net1 mode. This is done by inserting the run.bin floppy disk (for node configuration) into your Express or Expression console and rebooting. The node will switch to Net1 mode, and for software versions 4.0 and above the power LED will blink. You can now see the node from your console and configure it, and it will output DMX from the Net1 data on the network.

Front Panel LEDs

The front panel LEDs indicate the status of the node.

The blue power LED indicates the mode. If the power LED is blinking it either means the node is waiting for a network address from a BootP server (Net2 mode) or the node is running in Net1 mode. If it is powered up and running in Net2 mode, the power LED will be lit steadily

Port LEDs

Each port has a two color red/green LED to indicate its state

  • Red indicates the port is configured as a DMX Input
    • Red and Blinking indicates that the port is configured as an input but is not receiving valid DMX
    • Red and Steady indicates that the port is configured as an input and is receiving valid DMX
  • Green indicates the port is configured as a DMX Output
    • Green and Blinking indicates that the port is configured as an output but there are no EDMX sources outputting data in its range on the network
    • Green and Steady indicates the port is receiving network data and outputting valid DMX 
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