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ETCNet2 Network Configuration Editor NCE

ETC's Network Configuration Editor (NCE) is a spreadsheet-style software program designed to make configuring ETCNet2TM DMX and Video nodes easy. With NCE, you can configure the paramaters of any port on any ETCNet2 node in a NET2 system.

Through an Ethernet connection, you can read the configuration of any node on the network, edit it offline, and send the configuration back to the node via the network. 

ECTNet2 Network Configuration Editor (NCE).jpg

Network Configuration Editor is your primary view into ETCNet2 systems, allowing you to discover, upgrade, address, and configure your ETCNet2 devices. NCE also installs all of the latest ETCNet2 device code  to your c:\etc\nodesbin directory. The following software and code relates only to ETCNet2 v4. If you are using an earlier version, ETC recommends upgrading - please contact us for details.

Network Configuration Editor (NCE) v4.3.1

Network Configuration Editor (NCE) v4.3.1 Release Notes

NCE 4.3.0 User Manual

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