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Two-Port Net2 Node Waiting for TFTP Server


After a reset, power cycle, or after initiating the update nodes command from ETCNet2 Configuration Editor (NCE), the Two-Port node reports that it is waiting for TFTP Server on the screen and will not complete the boot process.

Description/Explanation of Issue

The node is attempting to download firmware from a computer or console and it either cannot find the file it needs on the computer/console running NCE or the Network Address Server (which also includes the TFTP process) is not running in NCE.


  1. Make sure that the Network Address Server is started (check for BootP Server Started message when toggling on in Network menu of NCE.
  2. Make sure that the twoport.bin file is located in the directory C:\etc\nodesbin\
  3. If you started the Network Address Server while it was waiting on the TFTP server, try power cycling the node.
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