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RDM Settings for Net3 Gateways


When editing the settings for RDM in a Net3 or Response Gateway via GCE or Net3 Concert, you will see several options:





  1. RDM Enabled determines whether or not RDM communication will be allowed on this Gateway port.  If this is disabled then you will not receive information on device properties or be able to send RDM property changes.
  2. RDM Standby if enabled would stop RDM Discovery without clearing the RDM Cache.  This is no longer in use after Gateway software v6.1 as it is not necessary, and was redundant to RDM Discovery Enable.
  3. RDM Discovery Enable determines whether or not a Gateway looks for devices on boot and then after does a slow background poll to see if new devices are coming or going.  If not checked the Gateway will assume that the devices which were present when it started will always stay there, and it will not find new devices after boot.


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