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NCE 2.0 & Network Address Server Issues


After opening an existing NCE config file, starting Network Address Server "Bootp" causes NCE 2.0 to freeze.


Your configuration file needs to be in the same directory as the NCE application.
Such as:C:/ETC/EtcNet2 NCE 2.0.00

So if you open a configuration file from your desktop, you will see NCE freeze.  If you move that same configuration file to the same directory, it will function properly.

Also see: Unable to Edit NCE 2.0 IP Addresses


I've checked "everything" and NCE still won't work on my computer.  What's up?


Here is how to check everything:

What version of Windows are you using? 
Win 98 -Okay 
Win NT 4.0 Service Pack 5 & Later -Okay 
Win 2000 -Okay 
Win 95...  Do you have the WinSock 2 Update installed?   Yes - Okay   No or unsure... go download it from the Microsoft website

Do you have Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher installed? (It doesn't need to be the default browser) Yes -Okay No... Go download a current version from the Microsoft website

Do you have an Ethernet Network Interface Card or transceiver? Yes -Okay No... How did you expect to talk to the nodes? Go get one and install it.

Let's confirm the Network settings... This will be different for each version of Windows.
*** Unless you are doing something very custom, you should not stray from this.
*** Set/Confirm the IP address to be in the range to 
Set/Confirm the Subnet Mask to be 
Check for any Gateway IP addresses...  There should be none. (Unless -See Above-)

***This is correct for NCE 2.0.0.  But not for 2.1.1 or 3.0.0. There the IP and Gateway need to match. Unless they have a defined network like above.

Now we're going to make sure that all of the software is actually installed. 
Look in the directory: C://ETC/nodesbin The nodesbin folder should contain "vidnode.bin"

Now were going to confirm the bootp.cfg file
Navigate to the C:/ETC/Net2 NCE 2.0/bootp.cfg.
Open the bootp.cfg with note pad. Make sure you do not check the box that says open always with notepad.
Verify that the IP listed matches the IP for your computer.
Make sure the subnet mask is
If you have made changes save file, But make sure you do not save as anything, Just save.
This should get NCE up and running.

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