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Response Opto Splitter green status LED


Description of green status LED behavior on a Response Opto Splitter.


  1. Static on = valid DMX singal received
  2. Flashing slowly = no (valid) DMX signal received

    Rsn Opto no DMX.gif
  3. Flashing in short succession = Firmware update in progress

    Rsn Opto firmware 2.gif

    Once the Firmware update is completed, the green status LED should go back to option 1 or 2.

    [Firmware updates are done in Updaterator via "RDM Devices".]

    The Firmware update process can take some time. Do NOT abort this process or disconnect the Opto Splitter during the update. In case the update has failed or the Opto Splitter seems stuck in the update process, please contact ETC Technical Services.

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