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How many Response SMPTE Gateways can be connected via USB to an Eos Console?

In Eos version 2.9.0 - 3.0.3, a maximum of 1 Response Show Control Gateway (MIDI or SMPTE) can be connected via USB to a console. If you need additional gateways connected to the same console, please connect them via Ethernet.

In Eos version 3.1.0, support was added for multiple Response Show Control Gateways (MIDI and/or SMPTE).  The RSN Widgets must be using firmware v2.2.0 or higher in order to have multiple connected.  

These limitations are the same when using Eos software on a Mac - v2.9.0 thru v3.0.3 allows a single USB-connected widget; v3.1.0 and higher support multiple.

Response Serial Widget via USB requires Eos v3.1.1 or higher.


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