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Installing device software and firmware in UpdaterAtor on a Console


I have UpdaterAtor installed on my console, but it does not have the software/firmware versions I need for various equipment.


Software and firmware is not installed alongside UpdaterAtor, and requires an internet connection to download. Since a console should never be connected to the internet, you can import different software versions from a PC to your console by using the 'Save for Console' function in UpdaterAtor to create an installer file which can be run on your console via USB.


UpdaterAtor can only be installed on Eos family or Cobalt family consoles.

Steps to Solution

  1. Have UpdaterAtor installed on a Windows PC.
  2. Insert a removable USB drive into the PC computer
  3. Open UpdaterAtor.
  4. Navigate to the 'Setup Versions' page and verify that you have the software/firmware version you want for each piece of equipment.
    1. If you need the latest version for everyone and do not already have it, you can choose' Download All Latest Software' in the top right corner to download the latest versions from the internet.
    2. If you need to pull in specific/older version of software for specific equipment, choose the equipment and then choose the version to download specifically.
  5. Once you have all of the versions where you want them, choose 'Save for Console' and save to your USB drive.
    1. See this support post if you get a Failed to Generate Installer error.
  6. Once completed, safely remove the USB drive from your computer.
  7. Insert the drive into your console and navigate to the installer you generated:
    1. For Eos Family consoles, navigate to ECU>Settings>General>Software Update.
    2. In Cobalt Family consoles, navigate to Welcome Screen>System Settings>Update.
  8. Run the installer. This program also allows you to selectively choose which software or firmware you want installed.
  9. You can then navigate to Maintenance>UpdaterAtor and use the software versions.

CAUTION: If updating devices over a DMX line including from a gateway DMX out port, ensure that all DMX Opto-Isolators, Opto-Splitters, or DMX repeaters are removed from the DMX chain.  Passing the software/firmware updates through one of these devices can leave the device without firmware and unusable until sent to ETC for repair. 


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