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Installing End Bumpers on ColorSource Raceway


I want to install the yellow end bumpers on my ColorSource Raceway.

I need to replace an end bumper on the ColorSource Raceway.

Explanation of Issue

The ColorSource Raceway will ship with black or white rubber end bumpers for safety reasons.  We also ship a pair of bright yellow end bumpers if High Vis is preferred.  These are very easy to swap out or replace if necessary.  Please follow the steps below.


  1. Remove screws on end cap. 4 screws on the Term Box end; 2 screws on the other end.
    Term Box End Cap-Assembled with guide.jpg     Strip Endcap-Assembled with guide.jpg
  2. Remove Metal plate and bumper.
    Term Box Endcap-Bumper removed.JPG     Strip Endcap-Bumper removed.JPG
  3. Add the yellow/replacement bumper and metal plate.  Replace Screws.


If you need to purchase more bumpers, for any reason, the ETC part number is molded into the bumper itself, hidden by the metal plate.  Simply supply this number and the color needed to your favorite ETC dealer.
     Term Box Bumper PN..jpg     Endcap Bumper PN.JPG

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