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RDM Is Not Connecting to Fixtures When City Theatrical SHoW Baby Devices Are Used for Communication


I can discover devices via RDM with a hardline DMX connection, but not through a City Theatrical SHoW Baby unit.

Description/Explanation of Issue

RDM Traffic is off by default on all SHoWBaby devices. This parameter is what allows RDM data to pass through the transmitter. Per their documentation:

"RDM Traffic The RDM Traffic setting determines whether RDM data is passed downstream of the Multiverse SHoW Baby. It does not affect whether the Multiverse SHoW Baby is detectable by devices upstream. It is recommended that RDM be turned off before production situations as many DMX devices do not correctly handle RDM data and may exhibit flickering or other undesired behavior. Default is Off."


  1. RDM Traffic needs to be turned on via Concert or another RDM controllers
    1. MV with marking.JPG
Important-Icon.png In a situation where a Colorsource Console is the controller, another RDM device is required to toggle on RDM Traffic. The RDM features for Colorsource Consoles are limited to devices that output, thus it is not possible to change this setting from a Colorsource Console

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