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What Is The Difference Between An Electrical Straight Coupler And An I-Coupler?

What Are They Used For?

The Electrical Straight Coupler and the I-Coupler are both used to splice two pieces of DataTrack in line. 

          Electrical Straight Coupler                                                    I-Coupler

clipboard_e25af294d59495bc6492d3a86c7a95389.png      clipboard_e3634d614f1d1122da3e0e975432d98ad.png


Electrical Straight Coupler - Requires 4 in (10.16 cm) pendant clip to stabilize joint for structural integrity. Does not have any power or data feed capabilities. 

I-Coupler - Includes two separate holes where power and data may be fed (top feed only) to the DataTrack. This may be used, as well, to feed two separate sources of power or two separate sources of data into the two different DataTrack pieces being spliced by the I-Coupler. 


More information on these couplers in Appendix A of the DataTrack and DataTrack Backbone System Planning and Installation Manual. [CLICK HERE]

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