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Dimmer Module Won't Turn Lights On or Off


My dimmer module either won't turn lights on, or they might be stuck on and won't turn off. I do see the signal light on the right side of the dimmer changing as the control source changes levels.

Explanation of Issue

Your dimmer may have a failed power cube. The power cube is what converts the signal from the rack's controller into power to turn the load on.


  1. Power off the rack with the main circuit breaker, and swap the suspected faulty dimmer with a known good module of the same type.
  2. Power the rack back on. If the problem has moved WITH the module, the issue is the power cube, and you should move to step 3. If the problem has stayed with the original circuit, you should call ETC Technical Services for continued support.
  3. Order a new power cube through an ETC Authorized Dealer, or ETC's webstore at See list of user-replaceable power cubes below.
  4. Once you've received the replacement, power off the rack, remove the faulty dimmer module, replace the power cube, then insert the module into the rack, power up and test.

Dimmer Modules and Corresponding Power Cubes

D15, D20, D15, D15F, D20, D20F, D15E, D20E, D15FC, D15C, AD15, AD20, D20J, D20JE Q141
D15AF, D20AF, D20HR, D20F, D15F, D20DHR, D15AFN, D20AFN, D20JAF, AD15F, AD20F Q142
D50AF Q143
D100AF Repair Only. Contact your ETC Authorized Dealer to arrange.
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