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Thru Power Module Compatibility

What are ThruPower modules?

ThruPower Modules (TR20AF, ETR15AFR, etc) give you the ease of having a dimmer, relay, and constant current module in one compact module.  However, there are some caveats about where the module can be used. 

Where can a ThruPower module be installed?

  1. ThruPower modules can be installed in all Sensor Install racks (CEM Classic, +, and 3).  However, a Sensor Classic and Plus rack will not have the software capabilities to utilize the relay function of the module.  It will either need to be used as a dimming module in D20 mode, or you can use the bypass switches on the front to make the module send a constant current.  While you can assign the module as a D20 in "Switched" mode, this will still have a regulated signal that goes through the chokes in the module instead of the relays.
  2. ThruPower modules can  be installed in most Sensor Touring racks. However, in classic touring racks you may need to make adjustments to cable management to get the unit to fit in the touring rack properly.  Reach out to Technical Support if you have questions regarding these changes.
  3. ThruPower modules can be installed in most portable racks.  However, depending on the bus bar configuration of your rack-you may have issues fitting the modules in the racks fully.  If you run in to this issue-please give Technical Support a call.
  4. ThruPower modules do not fit and are not able to be installed in any Unison Legacy DR or Paradigm DRD racks.
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