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L10 and L10F Modules Are No Longer Available for Purchase

As of June 7, 2016, the L10 and L10F modules are no longer available for purchase.  We are still able to repair these modules, but they cannot be purchased new.  Part number affected by this are: 7050A1081, 7050A1082, 7083A1078 and 7083A1079. 

The L10 and AL5 modules were a great solution many years ago when needing to control low wattage loads.  Specifically, they were used for 2-wire fluorescent ballasts and electronic low voltage fixtures as those specific lights typically did not have a reasonable amount of resistive load to keep SCRs closed, in conduction.  More specifically, D20 and AD20 dimmers would flicker or not even turn on in low levels of the dimming range with those types of loads.

As LED loads and other low current electronic driver loads came out onto the market, we saw that we needed to provide a dimmer with more configurable control over non-resistive light sources and we developed the ELV10 and AELV5.   All future solutions for electronic loads on ETC modular dimming systems should use these modules.

L10, L10F and AL5 modules only came in a low SCCR rating, could only fire in forward phase and could be caused to fail fairly easily by magnetic loads, short circuits or other types of load which they were not designed to handle.  

This change will only affect Unison DR systems.  The ELV10 and ELV10-S modules for use with DR, DRd and Sensor systems are still available.  Be aware that an ELV10 or AELV5 will operate in an older Unison DR rack or the original Sensor rack, but only in Forward-Phase mode.  CEM+ v3.0.0 or higher is needed to control an ELV10 in Reverse-Phase mode.

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