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Changing Connectors on Distribution Products

ETC lists replacement connectors on, but does this mean that it is acceptable to change connectors on distribution products?

ETC's distribution products are UL listed as an assembly that specifies the quantity and type of connector used when the item is assembled. Unlike commercial or residential outlets where the components are individually UL listed and can be combined/changed at any time, a UL listed assembly has to be assembled completely at the location of manufacture, and, if it is field modified, must be inspected again by UL to approve of any changes to retain the listing.


Field modifications to UL listed assemblies void the UL listing without a field inspection to retain the listing. This can affect insurance coverage and policy claims. Please check with your insurance provider for any impacts before performing any modifications.

Given this, it is acceptable to replace a failed connector with a replacement of the same type as a field repair. This is why replacement connectors are listed for sale.

It is not acceptable, without UL field inspection, to change connector types from one type to another (e.g.: from Stage Pin to Edison Duplex) in a UL listed assembly. This is why replacement metal work is not listed for sale.

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