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Foundry Relay Controllers and Low Voltage Controllers Corrupting DMX Line


I have one or more Unison Foundry Relay Controllers (UFR2) or Low Voltage Relay Controllers (UFR2-LV) that, when plugged in, corrupts the entire DMX line and everything flickers and/or I lose control of anything connected. 


There is a component on the circuit boards shipped prior to August 2020 that, in some situations, is unable to provide the enough DC voltage to the processor, causing these units to lose functionality.  This particular functionality loss appears as a dim or dark Power LED on the unit itself.  It will also send corrupted Data onto the DMX line both before and after the bad unit, causing lights to flicker, or not respond at all.  Once this faulty unit is removed from the DMX line, everything else will return to normal working condition.


  1. If you are experiencing this issue, please write down the Serial number of the offending unit and contact ETC Technical Services. 
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