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L86 EM264 User Manual

L86 EM264 User Manual
This manual describes ETC’s EM264 electronics module. The EM264 uses DMX512 control signal to control dimmers in ETC L86 Installation Racks and L86 Touring Racks. Each column of dimmer modules in a chassis is controlled by an EM264 near the top of the column. The EM264 allows customized dimmer numbering within the chassis. It can compensate for a mixture of dimmer types within the same chassis and can customize the control curve for each dimmer. It can also be configured to allow two consoles to control two sets of lights independently, or two consoles to control the same lights with highest level taking priority. Generally, EM264s in installation racks are factory configured to match the requirements of your system. For portable racks, standard configurations are available without custom programming. For more details about standard and customized systems, see Configuring the EM264.

Additionally, the EM264 provides optical isolation between input signals and the rest of your L86 system. The module also isolates the DMX512 input signal between each of the EM264s.

There are several important differences between EM264s in installation systems and in touring systems. The following table lists the most important differences:

Touring Rack Installation Rack
  • Normal output curve
  • Standard firing mode
  • Dual DMX512 ports use highest-level input 120V output
  • Any DMX512 number can be starting address
  • Dimmer numbers are sequential, following starting address
  • Customized output curves
  • Optional Quiet mode
  • Dual input interaction is programmable
  • Output voltage is programmable
  • Rack number is starting address Dimmer numbers are programmable

PDF Download:L86 EM264 User Manual.pdf

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