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L86 EMAP User Manual

L86 EMAP User Manual
This manual describes the L86 EMAP electronic receiver modules. The EMAP is used for custom architectural lighting control. EMAP electronics modules are installed in a cabinet at the top of L86 Installation Racks. They receive dimmer output data from a lighting control console and/or architectural control station, then process and distribute the information to the rack’s L86 EM64 electronics modules.

Each EMAP is customized to meet the specific needs of the job. Typically, the EMAP will serve one or more of the following functions. The EMAP lets you merge two incoming DMX512 signals into a single output signal. It provides architectural lighting control, including such elements as channels, presets, take-controls, panic lights, work lights, cue lights, and snapshots. It allows you to configure a dimming system containing mixed dimmer sizes. Consult your system drawings or contact ETC for exact information about the functions of your EMAP.

PDF Download: L86 EMAP User Manual.pdf


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