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Inside the EMI3M


Three prong jumper.png

Your EMI3M module is configured specifically for your dimming system. It contains six internal user-replacable fuses and a single set of jumpers.

Data Fuses

Six fuses are installed inside the EMI3M to protect your system. If there is a short (excess voltage) in the data stream, the fuses in the affected phase will fail. Two fuses are assigned to each phase. (See diagram to left.)
Warning: Replace data fuses with type GMA-1/8 only.

Main/Auxiliary Jumpers

These jumpers consist of two sets of three vertical pins on the circuit board at location J3. Most L86 Installation Racks, and all L86 Touring Racks are set to Main (center and top pins connected on both sets). If you are replacing a malfunctioning EMI3M in your system, be certain to adjust the jumper settings at location J3 on the spare so they match the settings on the original module. (See illustrations to left.) If you have any questions, please contact ETC Field Service.


Note: If the EMI3M fails, it is usually due to a ground fault condition (excess voltage applied to the input or outputs of the module). Please check for such a condition before attempting to replace or repair the unit. It is possible to temporarily replace the module with an EMRF, but the EMRF will not protect your system from whatever caused the EMI3M to fail.

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