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EMI3M Front Panel

The EMI3M front panel is illustrated below. It contains four pairs of indicator LEDs and a fuse socket. Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 1.37.32 PM.png

Indicator LEDs

Each indicator LED on the module’s front panel provides specific information about the operating status of the module. Each pair contains a power LED (+5) and a data LED.

The information each LED provides is described below:

+5V Power LED
LED Off System is off, disconnected or damaged.
LED On System is receiving power.
Data Data Input/Output
LED Off Data is not present.
LED On Data is present.

Power Supply Fuse

To remove the fuse, push slightly on the center of the fuse cover with a screwdriver and turn the cover counter-clockwise. Replace the fuse with type 3AG-1 only.
(See Page 2 for Data Fuses.)

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