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EMR/EMAR Standard Jumper Settings


The following table shows correct EMR/EMAR settings for all jumpers except those at locations J3 and J18, both of which are discussed in Configuring the EMR/EMAR on pages 3 and 4. Customized modules may have different settings, but you should never need to change the settings on these jumpers except as instructed by ETC Technical Setting descriptions are based on module oriented as shown in the illustrations to the left.  

Jumpers at... Should be... Jumpers at... Should be...
J5 all off J5 all off
J11 up J6 factory wire wrapped
J12 down J7 up
J14 down J8 up
J15 up J9 up
J16 up w/27256 EPROM
down w27512 EPROM 
J10 up
J17 down J11 up
    J12 down
    J14 up or off
    J15 down
    J16 down
    J17 down
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