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L86 EMR/EMAR User Manual

L86 EMR/EMAR User Manual
This manual describes ETC’s L86 EMR and EMAR electronics receiver modules. These two L86 components are almost identical, the difference lying in the EMAR's ability to translate multiple data formats. The EMR can only accept DMX512 control signal.

The EMR/EMAR electronics module is installed in the top center slot of the L86 dimmer chassis. It receives dimmer output data from a lighting control console, then distributes the data in DMX512 format to the rack’s EM64 electronics modules.

ETC configures the EMR/EMAR to customize the dimmer numbering within the chassis. This allows chassis starting addresses other than the normal multiple of 48. The module compensates for a mixture of dimmer types within the same chassis and can customize the control curve for each dimmer. It can also be set by ETC to allow two consoles to control two sets of lights independently, or two consoles to control the same lights with highest level taking priority.

Generally, EMR/EMARs within installation racks are configured at ETC to match the requirements of your system. For portable applications, standard configurations are available without custom programming. For more details about standard and custom configurations, see Configuring.

PDF Download: L86 EMR EMAR User Manual.pdf


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