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ETC LMI SD Single Dimmer

SD Single Dimmer

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ATTACHMENT: SD Individual Dimmer Manual

There are a couple of styles of SD12000 dimmers.  The "old" style used two cubes mounted to the heat sink.  We no longer have any of these old cubes, nor can we get any more.  If you requesting new power cubes for your SD-12000 dimmer, you must determine if it is a "old" or a "new" style.  There are no changes visible from outside of the dimmer to help you determine this.   You will have to open the unit to see if there are two cubes attached to the heat sink (old), or one cube and a small green circuit board with a thermal switch between them (new).

If you have an old style SD-12000, you will need to purchase an upgrade kit to replace the cube.  Included in the upgrade assembly is a new cube, firing card, heat sink, etc... Here is a run-down of the parts: 

Note-Icon.png Note: Some of the parts are on very limited access so repairs and upgrades are becoming harder to do.

1015A3003  Heat Sink

1015A3019  SD-2400 Buss Bar

1015B7002  CBL ASSY SD12000 Line Input

1086A4224  12K SCR Firing Board Insulator

1086B5035  SCR Firing Card Assembly

HW106      Screw 4-40x3/8

HW313      Screw 8-32x5/8

HW429      Screw 10-32x5/8

HW507      Nut 1/4-20 Stop

HW526      Washer Split 1/4

HW537      Bolt 1/4-20x1/2

HW976      Standoff #8x1/4

I314      Thermal Grease

J419    Terminal Disconnect F 22-18ga Red

J610    Connector 2F Mascon

J611    Connector 4F Mascon

Q134    SCR Block 130A

TS104   Thermostat;L86

W301    Wire 20ga Brown

W310    Wire 20ga Black

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