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L86 EM264 Full Product Specifications


The L86 EM264 shall be a fully plug-in and factory wired electronics module. The module shall be designed to control dimmers in L86 rack dimmer systems. Dimmer control electronics shall be completely digital without employing any digital to analog demultiplexing schemes or analog ramping circuits.
Each EM264 shall control up to 64 dimmers on the same phase. The module shall provide simple DMX512 addressing through switches on the front panel. Systems using one electronics module per rack or more than 64 dimmers per phase shall not be acceptable.

The EM264shall:

  • Maintain constant dimmer voltage despite input voltage variation.
  • Receive two DMX512 links allowing any dimmer to be controlled by any input on one or both links.
  • Allow the maximum voltage of each dimmer to be adjusted to match its cable length.
  • Allow mixing of different capacity dimmers in the same rack.
  • Provide Soft Start and Preheat modes to limit current inrush. reducing mechanical shock to the lamps-
  • Provide a Filter mode to smooth unstable incoming dimmer levels.
  • Provide a Quiet mode to reduce objection- able lamp noise.-Provide optical isolation between the EM264 and both DMX512links.-Allow each dimmer to be set to one of eight curves.
  • Provide user with diagnostic routines to test hardware and outputs.


Each module shall be of heavy duty construction. assembled on a formed .090 aluminum chassis 1.62H x 8.87W x 120. weighing four pounds, with a threaded brass retention rod for insertion and extraction.  All parts shall be properly treated, primed and finished with fine-texture. scratch-resistant black powder coat.   Each electronics module shall contain one printed circuit board with no wired connections.

The module shall be equipped with three rotary switches for address selection, eight status indicator LEDs, 12 configuration DIP switches, three double-pole DIP switches, and a processor reset switch. All controls and status indicators shall be located on the front panel for easy access. System faults and errors shall be indicated through the status LEDs.

The module shall control fan relays in the installation rack. This line shall remain on for three minutes after all dimmer outputs return to zero.


  1. DMX512 ports
    The module shall be equipped with two DMX512 inputs. Multiple DMX512 signals shall be handled on a highest level basis. In the event a DMX512 port is disconnected, dimmer levels for that port shall be maintained for either three seconds or three minutes, depending on the setting of the Delay switch on the front panel. After the delay time has elapsed, all inputs on the disconnected port will fade to zero over five seconds. Systems that do not hold the last level for up to three minutes shall not be acceptable. Outputs shall be assignable to any level on one or both ports.
  2. Filtering
    Four levels of filtering shall be provided to help stabilize or ramp control levels. Filtering shall be controlled from the front panel.
  3. Dimmers
    The control module shall allow the rack to accommodate a mixture of quad 1.2kW, duaI2.4kW, single 6.OkW, and double 12kW dimmer modules.
  4. Regulation
    The module shall operate on either 120V or 220V services, and will adjust to frequencies ranging from 45 to 65 Hz. The power supplies shall hold the designated voltage over an incoming voltage range of 90-14OV when in 12OV configuration, and 180- 240V when in 22OV configuration.

    Dimmer output shall be regulated for incoming line voltages. The regulation shall adjust for both RMS voltage changes and deformations in the incoming AC wave form on a dimmer-by-dimmer basis. The EM264 shall monitor and adjust each dimmer's output to maintain a constant power tothe load. Regulation shall maintain the desired output voltage +/- lV for the entire operation range (90-140V AC) with the exception that the maximum output will be no greater than the line voltage minus dimmer loss. There shall be no interaction between dimmers in the system or any other equipment. Dimming systems that do not respond to line regulation and deformation in the AC wave shall not be accepted.

    If line voltage exceeds 130\ AC or falls below 100V AC, the module shall warn the user of the error. If voltage is not between 95 and 135V AC when the system is furned on, the module shall not allow any dimmers to tum on.

    The entire response to incoming line changes or control changes shall take no more than 25 milli- seconds.Dimmer outputs shall exhibit no oscillating or hunting for levels. Dimmers set to the same level shall output within +/- lV of each other, regardless of phase or electronic module control.

    Output voltage shall be adjustable on an output-by-output basis. Dimming systems with no output adjustment. or only a global output adjustment, shall not be acceptable.
  5. Soft Start
    The EM264's Soft Start feature shall be enabled by a switch on the front panel. Soft Start shall limit the control level's slope during the first six cycles if a load rises from zero to above ten in one step. Soft Start is used to limit inrush current.
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