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RD-2034A and RD-2034C Self Tests

To put the unit into self-test mode, set the "10's" thumbwheel to 9 and hit reset. 

Once this is done, use the "one's"  thumbwheel to activate the needed self-test.

90 - ?
91 - test thumbwheels, outputs binary to lights
92 - chase
93 - fade all, (if there is flickering, it is due to bug in software)
94 - chase fade
95 - Dimmer select. (01 on thumbwheels turns on dimmer #1)
96 - Ram Test?
97 - ?98 - pulsing then resets and starts again
99- all on After self test is running, speed is set by adjusting UNITS thumbwheel (1=fastest, 9=slowest, 0=freeze)

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