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CEM+ and Outputting DMX

Description/Explanation of Issue

It is possible to output DMX from the CEM+. There are a couple of things to note.


Outputting can only occur on DMX Port B of the last rack in the system (e.g.: Rack 5 of 5 in a 5 rack system), and you will have to go into the Port/Priority Settings to change it to "Out".

When DMX B is set as an output, it will begin outputting levels on DMX Addresses after the highest dimmer in the rack.

For Example: SR48 has 96 Dimmers. I would need to Set Levels in the rack at 97 to begin outputting on DMX Address 1.

The reason for this is to avoid looping the output; you wouldn't want a case where you want Dimmer 1 also driving the DMX address that controls it.


It is also possible to output DMX from the CEM+ on a dimmer by dimmer basis.

To do this, you will want to use the Web UI feature.

Make sure to have both Port B configured as an Output as well as checking the "Enable" box for that specific dimmer.

CEM+ WebUI DMX B Output.png